Smartcast for Samsung & LG TV App Reviews

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purchase failure

After purchasing the full version it worked as described; however, after uninstalling and reinstalling, the app refuses to restore my purchase. I'm not going to pay for the full version more than once to use this product.

Total Waste of Time - Don’t Bother

What a piece of time wasting crap. Just buy Chromecast - it’s more honest and reliable.

Can't Delete!

I've tried usong this app, but it didn't work with my TV. I've tried to delete the app from the Lanchpad, but it keeps coming back.

Extremely Slow

Downloaded free version. It immediately connected to my LG TV, which many mirroring programs don’t do. However, the program ran with such a delay that it is impossible to use for things like presentations or expecting any kind of reasonable response.

file formats?

App developers are dumb! What do you get for the PAID version. Can you tell us before we download this crap?

Useful for the $

Does its job. One annoying issue is every time I use it I have to close the app and reopen to get it to find my tv.

couldn’t open a window couldn’t right click

tried to delete it said it couldn’t cause it was running. couldn’t force quit, no option. running high sierra latest update. very disappointed but hey you get what you pay for and i didn’t pay a cent soooo.

Not useful for presentations on a Samsung Smart 4K TV

I’m surprised that an app downloaded from the Apple Store would be such a waste of time. Within about 5 minutes after I downloaded and installed the app on my 2017 MacBook Pro a screen came up saying that I was in a limited use mode and would need to purchase full access. I expect a professional application to say up front on the Apple store that a purchase is required for useful access and what the cost would be without having to waste time installing it to find out. Also when using the app, there was a significant delay between actions on my computer screen and the resulting action on my TV screen. This siginificantly affects the usefulness of this application in displaying videos, slideshows and any type of presentation from your computer.

frequent disconnectivity

there is an issue regarding disconnectiong the device after 1 to 2 min after connection

Laggy and audio driver doesn’t work

Pretty laggy and I couldn’t get the audio driver to work on my brand-new Macbook Pro. Didn’t matter what I did the audio would never work. I’d show the driver in the sound properties and select it but no sound on my TV or mac when selected.


This app is completely USELESS. It does not let you mirror for more than 3 minutes without paying for the full version. The lag time is disgustingly long, and you may as well invest in an HDMI cable and adapter from Apple. In addition, you cannot change the audio input, making the user rely on the computer’s speakers. Since the test time was so short, I was not even able to try to troubleshoot the audio input issues. Thought I’d found a solution to mirror without the need for cables, but unfortunately, I am left disappointed.

Love it so far

Downloaded the full version so I could watch a couple of videos from my laptop onto my new Samsung TV. Worked perfectly. Wish I would have waited a few days when the price dropped to $3.99 :(

Does not launch

This app does not launch. Running version 1.5.6 on iMac late 2015 - Mac OS 10.13.5. When I tried to delete it to reinstall - got "The item “” can’t be moved to the Trash because it’s open.” and it doesn’t appear in “Force Quit” list.

Pretty good

It works pretty well. Some bugs but they don’t really affect anything. Streams wirelessly from macbook 2010 15” to brand new 4k uhd lg tv. Awesome. Keep developing it guys.

Amazing app build quality ..

very useful for those without apple TV …


The trial isn’t wasn’t even long enough for me to get my video to start to even see if it was working.

Might as well use an HDMI

It took me forever to finally get this to work. It worked well in the beginning, minus the 10 second lag i couldnt seem to fix. I didn’t mind the lag as long as I was just watching a movie or something. After a few uses, it now doesn’t work at all. I don’t know if its my poor wifi connection, but it freezes on my tv every few seconds and then disconnects altogether. Haven’t gotten it to work the last several times I’ve tried. I’ve tried quitting the app and messing around with the settings but I’m about to just go back to using an HDMI.

too slow on samsung tv

connected this to my samsung smart tv but the screen mirroring was soooo slow its painful! both my macbook and my tv are connected to the same router wirelessly. i realize wireless is bad for screen mirroring but this was too slow to even do anything!


installed the app, to see how it worked. after several tries. i finally got it to work. less than 5 seconds after showing my computer screen, it would crash. if the demo won’t work, i won’t be purchasing the full version…

Awesome so far!

We have two computers, one a desktop and the other my little macbook. Our desktop did allow us to connect to the tv without any extra downloads but it would lag and eventually the screen would disconnect. We didn’t want to get the apple tv since we already have a ps4 and a smart tv. I read reviews for other apps that were supposed to stream to lg tvs and they were not good, complaining of crashing or just not working at all, and none allowed you to download the app for a trial to see how it worked first. I even went to LG website and downloaded the plex streamer or whatever they recommended and it never loaded, it would always say it was connecting, with no progress. So I tested my luck and took back to the app store and I found this app that allowed you to try it out before buying the full version. It had great reviews and I figured I’d give it a shot and if it didn’t work, no foul. IT WORKED PERFECTLY and with literally no effort on my part. As soon as it downloaded and I launched it it automatically detected our tv. I love that you can either mirror your screen or play a file directly to the tv separately. I am currently watching a movie on the tv as I write the review on my computer. I obviously bought the full version immediately and it works exactly as I needed.

can’t get it to work

I was looking for a way to connect to my laptop without hdmi and this isn’t it for me. I went through all the instructions on IP addresses blah, blah, blah with no luck and after 30 minutes am giving up. I’m not a tech but I’m not an idiot either so I blame the setup and instructions. I’ll go back to hdmi.


Downloaded the sample; cannot purchase the full version. Why?


DO NOT DOWNLOAD !!! I bought the in app purchase and my app has not worked in 1 month. I contacted them and they told me to go through apple for a refund…. apple would not give me the refund. So now I am out 10$ for an app that does not work.

Does not work

The free trial works, but then fails after you pay for the full version. I want my money back.

sound and video are not in sync

paid for the dang thing only to find out that video and sound do not sync. there is also a lag. using a samsung smart tv.

65 inch Sharp Tv Works Perfect with this app

I just downloaded the free version. So far it’s working good on my Sharp Tv. It has a 1 second delay for some reason. But other than that, no problems.

amazing app


Early success, then bugs

The screen mirroring to my Samsung tv was beautiful BUT there was a syncing issue where audio and video did not match. After manually downloading the necessary separate audio driver, that problem was fixed. I enjoyed a pristine high definition video with audio on my TV. But beware, Smartest audio will override iTunes audio drivers (so you will have to go in and manually change that if you aren’t always mirroring to your TV). When I tried to delete the app, even after quitting the app, the app will not allow you to delete it by moving it into the trash.

Need the Audio Driver

Hi There, I purchased this and then realised I need the Audio Driver, but I can’t find the file or refernce to a separate app for where to find it anywhere. Only how to uninstall which is no use to me right now.. Please direct me to where i can find this file?

Not worth it

Waste of time. You still have to pay $9.99 for full version

it works. how well depends on your expectation...

first things first. it does what it claims to do. absolutely. set up is easy. you’ll be up and running in no time. but as for the much-mentioned lag issue... 1. it’s not a bug in or weakness of the program. all similar programs will suffer from lag. its simply the nature of what’s going on. you’re playing HD (or larger) signal over wi-fi. you will have SOME lag. how much or how much it bothers you will vary based on your situation. 2. for the users who just want to passively view (like watching movies or youtube) what’s on their screen, the lag probbaly won’t bother you, as you likely won’t be watching both screens at the same time. but if you want to do it for demonstration purposes–anything where you’ll be explaining what’s happening on screen–the lag will probbaly be too much to handle. the price seems a little high for an “app.” for $5 i’d probbaly just buy it and deal. but $10 just seems a bit high when i can just toss a long hdmi cable across the room and get far better results.

Nice, but...

Everything started up just fine at first, television connected just fine, but... aparently it demands an audio driver for a 2-month-old Samsung UHD television. Then, while looking for that driver online, I get a nice notice that it’s only good for playing 3-minute sessions unless I pay for the full version (which I apparently can’t get audio for without downloading and installing a mysterious audio driver that High Sierra does not have installed for it.) Here’s an idea guys - label your app as a demo, make it compatible with the latest OSX version, and stop being deceptive about your product.

Why can’t I remove the audio output and input device which is called smartcast?

Really annoy


Would not connect to my LG TV.

Cant download full version

This application has a bug, you cant even download the full version. start and restart deleteed the app and still brings up the free version. no ability to purchase full version. Its a pain in the NECK. Dont do it.

What an amazing app!

I couldn’t be more happy with my experience using this app. I had 1 small issue with the app, went to the website, contacted via email, and within 2 hours I had a prompt, relevant response that fixed my issue. Pavel is a dedicated app maker and the whole team is customer service oriented. I will continue recommending this app to all of my friends and family. There is a $9.99 in app purchase that allows you to use the full capacity of the app, it is 100% worth it. Thank you Smartcast, thank you Pavel, what an amazing app!!!

Good App for Samsung

Okay earlier I thought this is a hoax but it is not. I had issue with restoring the full version aftery paying $10. In anycase if you run into issue of restoring license then follow the following steps: 1. Unistall / Delete the app. 2. Delete the package. 3. Back on App store download again 4. Once downloaded and installed (it should automatically install it) Go to Settings 5. Click on Full-Version IAP…. 6. You should see purchased in green. 7. if not try restore purchase.

pretty good

Mine lags but once you put a video it doesnt matter because whats being mirrored to the tv still works perfectly fine it just doesnt go at the same time as what you see on your mac but again it works fine i even have it in 4k. ppl over react. and you have to daowload another software that comes with this app for it to mirror the sound as well. its quite simple. thanks to this app i can watch stuff on my philips tv because there is no other software i could find that does this. just dont play a video game becuase then you will get long as its a video your good. videos play at normal speed when mirroed onto the tv, just not at the same time as your mac.


Lag is terrible. Running at 50mbs upload & download, but still have connection issues. Jumpy picture. Audio lag. Need my money back ASAP.

No sound on TV after connected

There is no sound on my TV after its connected. Not sure why

Get a refund for this junk.

It takes a long time to detect my TV and there is a very long lag. Useless! I want a refund.

Lag is intolerable

The lag is well over a couple minutes...

Nice idea but...

This works with my Samsung 43 ich 4K, but slow slow and so much lag it’s really not useable. 2-3 minute lag in the display on a gigabit wifi network. I’ll try it again when there are more updates to see if it will work in a responsive manner.

Crashing on Sierra 10.12.5

Crashing on Sierra 10.12.5 Bounces few times and opens the GUI then crashes immediately

Does Exactly What it Promises! Great Customer Support!

I bought this app to support my new 4K Samsung TV. I tried the demo version first and was so impressed that I bought the full version. Recently, I needed to reformat my hard disk and re download apps previously purchased. The App Store got a little confused, and was unable to restore my purchase here. I reached out to the developer, and Pavel took the time to understand my issue. He trouble-shooted and came up with some recommendations. He stayed with me on this until I was completely satisfied. Thanks so much for your integrity and support! I am very happy and impressed.

Works really well now!

Originally was working very well, and they had some glitch in the update, causing it to freeze. Very responsive to the problem and the next day, there was a fix update posted the very next day and now, is working really nicely! I have been using this quite a bit, and I am enjoying it. Thanks for this app and I highly recommend it now.

Very Nice App

I have had this app for quite some time. I use it to project to my 65” LG TV. It has worked flawlessly. Sound drivers have also installed without a hitch. The newest update has an issue, however, say what youu want about the app. I emailed the Developer, who responded within an hour and has been speaking to me back and forth trying to sort out the proble. I am sure he will figure it out. The app is great, but the author is even BETTER! As I told him, if all developers in the App Store were as responsive and help as he is, it would be a better place for all. Give this app a try if you need a Screen Mirroring app. You will like it! If you run into a problem, this guy will help you out without complaint!

Cant get any easier

Wow, not sure how this could get any easier to use. I gave it a run on videos, pics and docs all seem to work just fine. Look forward to the full version so I dont have to restart every three minutes. I will be buying next. Thank you

Audio will not mirror to tv

So the app video works really well however, I cant get the audio to screen to the tv. I would like this issue or a refund

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